Satellite navigation. Methods and means Year: 2008 Author: Karlashchuk VI Publisher: СОЛОН-ПРЕСС ISBN: 978-5-91359-037-4 Serie: Engineer Library Language: Russian Format: PDF Quality: Originally a computer - eBook - Interactive table of contents: Yes Number of pages: 284 Description: The book is devoted to the description of satellite radio navigation systems GPS -NAVSTAR - USA - and GLONASS - Russia - and their application in various coordinate determination systems. The book provides brief information from the geodesy necessary for understanding the tasks to be performed in determining the location of various objects, and the description of navigation programs OziExplorer, NAVIGEL Navigator, GIS Russa, PocketGPS Pro, PalmGISGPS, etc., widely used in portable and pocket computers, communicators and navigators with the function of accounting for traffic conditions - including traffic jams - , as well as the popular cartographic editor MapEdit for creating their own maps - including routed - and their presentation in various cartographic format Oh. The book will be interesting for motorists, hikers, mountain, water and ski tourism, for hunters, fishermen, amateur pilots, navigators of small sea vessels, for persons involved in monitoring vehicles, etc. The book will be useful also for students and students of geodetic, radio engineering, geological exploration, marine and other educational institutions. Examples of pages Contents How to download and How to give

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