Pajve and his house Year of release: 2015 Author's first name: Mäkelä Artist's name: Hannu Artist: Yuri Zaborovsky Read for publication: Odesa, Variant, Two Elephants, 1992 Translation: Natalia Kudryakova Publication Type: anywhere you can buy Audio Book: MP3 Bitrate: 96 kbps Bitrate: constant bitrate - CBR - Music: none Playing time: 03:09:02 Description: "Paiwe and his house" - this is a wonderful story - a tale of a little poet - a house Paiwe. This is a funny, gentle and slightly sad tale of a Finnish writer. When you are going to make repairs in the house, check if you have neighbors! The owners of one summer house in Finland did not even know about other inhabitants of their home. It turned out that in the basement was a pretty apartment of a family of house mice, under a roof - a bat, and in the attic - a small poet-house from a good old family - Päivä Pyivevech Päivel, who dreamed of learning to fly, loved to draw, read his book and was champions in triple jumps. Once the owners decided to lime the mice and fix the roof .. Foreword by Eduard Uspensky. Readers' comments: Päivé Pyvevich Päivel is a brownie, but not at all like, for example, the little housekeeper Kuzka. He is a very quiet and vulnerable philosopher and poet, but very sympathetic and hastening to warn his friends-Mouse Muskules - mouse house - and Mouse Flying about the danger in the form of a cat, a champion in triple jumps. It is not surprising that when the father of a family, under the pressure of his wife, is going to change the roof, then everyone comes to help Piave and lead her to the best view and the workers are forced to leave. Prefaces do not always describe the content adequately, but "a funny, gentle and slightly sad tale" -in this case it seems accurate enough. Apparently, the book in Russian was published only once, in Odessa, in 1992, about the author: Hannu Mäkel's books on the tracker "The terrible Master Au" - performed by Olga Svirina - 96kbps, 320 kbps "The Sorcerer's Mind Au "- performed by Olga Svirina - 96kbps, 320 kbps screen version of Mäkel's works, Hannu Mäkelä How to download and How to give

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