Present time. April 2015 Date - Year of release: 2015 Country: Czech Republic-USA Genre: information program, talk show Duration: 20x30 min. Translation: Not required Russian subtitles: no Original audio track: Russian Moderators: Natasha Mozgovaya, Sergey Dorofeev TV channel: Black Sea TRC, etc. Description: "Present time" is 30 minutes of objective view of events occurring throughout the post-Soviet space. Every day, we discuss the most pressing issues, which are rarely raised in the official press and ask sometimes inconvenient questions to dot the i. We do not claim absolute objectivity, we try to give a word in 30 minutes to those who have not had this opportunity so far. The fact is the only truth for us. Sample: Quality: SATRip format: AVI Video: Xvid 720x400 - 16: 9 - 25fps ~ 1536kbps Audio: MP3 48000Hz mono - 1ch - 192kbps List of releases - series MediaInfo Screenshots Attention! Distribution is carried out by adding new issues How to download and How to distribute

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