Shame, or Shamelessness - La Pudeur ou l'Impudeur - Modesty and Shame Country: France Genre: drama, biography Year: 1992 Duration: 00:57:56 Translation: Subtitles Subtitles: Russian Original audio track: French Directed by: Hervé Hieber - Herve Guibert Cast: Hervé Guibert, his cousins ​​Suzanne and Louise, the doctor Claudine, the masseur Jean, the nurse Genevieve, reading the letter Rosina, friends Thierry and Christina Description: During 36 years of life, Herve Guibert managed to do so much that to designate his profession in one word it would be unfair. He was a journalist, the first to introduce the concept of "photocritic" in the periodical press, a talented photographer, screenwriter who received the "Palm Branch" in Cannes for his first work, director, provocateur, violator of traditional customs and a famous writer. The film "Shame, or Shamelessness" Herve Giber himself shot on a portable camera from June 1990 to March 1991. The camera became his constant companion at home, while traveling, at a doctor's reception, at a party. The writer photographed 26 videotapes for 45 minutes, the final editing was completed after the death of Giber, and the screening of the film on television aroused heated discussions: this is one of the first films devoted to the AIDS problem, and also one of the first autobiography films. The lasting 57 minutes is a medical history, dying, but at the same time, and an incredibly beautiful, calm elegy of life. Alexey Voinov In his film, Giber returns to work the idea of ​​Alexander Astryuk about the "camera-re", and does it in an original way, at the last minute "Shame, or Shamelessness", defining the video as an alloy of cinema, photography and literature. In this definition is not only a deep understanding of this medium, but also the discovery of a tremendous personal and sincere potential that the video can realize. Terrible observation during the viewing: the mounted video fragments would remain scattered and insignificant if they were not sewn with the thread of death. Pasolini's rights are infinite: life becomes a narrative only after its end, after the final montage, which gives meaning to the "film" of life. But Giber is already on the other side, and that's why every fragment of the film is so full of meaning: in his film - and his film - , he proves that the meaningfulness of life can be found even earlier, albeit with such a terrible price. Removing himself on video, deadly AIDS, Gibert literally removes death at work, but from the romantic attitude of Cocteau there is nothing left. Fear of inevitability collapses with the power of life, resisting the inevitable. So, from resistance, meaning, sincerity and poetry are born - so life on the verge of death becomes an art, as Foucault wrote "The Musical". Death is inevitable, but this is no reason not to resist it - the great lesson of Herve Gibera. Alexey Tyutkin Ext. The information: Translation - Alexey Voinov, timing - Alexey Tyutkin. The file is taken from Karagargy - thank comrade. Sample: Video Quality: DVDRip-AVC Video Format: MKV Video: V_MPEG4 - ISO - AVC at 1600 kbps, 0.164 bit - pixel, 690x564 at 25 fps Audio: AC-3 at 192 kbps, 2 ch - Front: LR - , 48,0 kHz Subtitle format: softsub - SRT - MediaInfo Fragment of subtitles Screenshot c title of the movie Screenshots How to download and How to give

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