TopStyle is one of the best CSS and HTML code editors for Windows operating systems! TopStyle TopStyle - the editor of cascading style sheets - CSS - , written by Nick Bradbury, the creator of HomeSite. TopStyle contains everything you need to create style sheets that are correct for all browsers. Easily ported to your HTML editor and used by default at the system level for all files with a .css extension. It is irreplaceable for the creation and support of large projects. For example, the Link Wizard function allows you to link all the pages of a project to a stylesheet, which the program itself creates. You just need to specify the place where all the pages of the site are stored. You can note two other useful functions of the package - Style Checker and Orphan Styles. The first one allows you to check any css-file for errors, the second one looks through existing pages of the site for "lost" styles. In case you are confused in your styles and on html-pages there is a multi-layering of different fonts and color solutions for links, TopStyle can remove all internal font tags and replace them with a single cascading style. And this is only a small part of what the program TopStyle can do. Main features of the program: Unicode support - UTF-8 or UTF-16 - Rialtime viewing the result of editing Color schemes and preparations Live FTP Editing HTML Toolbar - like in HomeSite - Code Folding for comments in CSS and HTML , PHP and ASP inserts in HTML, JavaScript functions, as well as while, try and switch Bookmarks for navigating the code New HTML templates for ASP JavaScript, ASP VBScript, ASP.NET C # and ASP.NET VB Updated HTML Tidy Improved appearance editor under Windows XP and Vista Official Twitter blog program Screenshots How to download and How to give out

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