Go English Year: 2011 Author: VOA Category: podcast Developer: VOA Publisher: VOA Course language: English Audio Codec: MP3 Bitrate audio: 128 kbps Description: Sound files were downloaded from the site of training programs "Voices of America". According to some signs, there were 90 files there - here 84 Training materials - pdf - were also on the site GoEnglish.me, however, I did not download them : - Somewhere in 2013 the site and the podcasts were irrevocably dug out. , is typical for the "Voice of America." Apparently, the taxpayer's money was not enough to save 200 MB, and all such advice: See something worthwhile on VoA - immediately download - will soon be lost .The podcast is very good - it's somewhat reminiscent of "ESL Aloud "Not dialogues - but phrases for dialogues ... I hope someone will be useful. I hope, too, that someone downloaded the full version, and will absorb e How to download and how to distribute

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